Founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, design studio For Real created a series of illustrations centering around the physical anatomy of the planets in our solar system.

100 Boots by Eleanor Antin

For her 100 Boots project, Eleanor Antin photographed rubber boots in a variety of scenarios set mostly around Southern California. The boots themselves performed as active characters; some configurations emphasized an “everyman” quality and personal experiences such as economic hardship, while others alluded to the war in Vietnam, and the excitement of the big city. Antin printed each photograph as postcards, which she mailed to hundreds of people, allowing the boots’ narrative to unfold over the course of twenty-eight months. Their journey ended at the Museum of Modern Art, where all fifty-one of the postcards were ultimately displayed.

1. This Is Not 100 Boots, 2002
2. 100 Boots Facing The Sea, 1971
3. 100 Boots Cross Country, 1971
4. 100 Boots In A Field, 1971
5. 100 Boots At The Pond, 1971
6. 100 Boots On The March, 1972
7. 100 Boots Circling, 1971



Immerse | Kimsey Price | Mixed Media
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Immerse | Kimsey Price | Mixed Media

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Javier Perez, Mask of Seduction, 1997


Shoes & Legs for Breuninger / by John Breed


Joan Miro - Costume design for unidentified performance


Joan Miro - Costume design for unidentified performance


Photography by Petros Chrisostomou

Petros Chrisostomou photographs small-scale, ordinary, ephemeral objects in architectural models that he constructs himself, and then dramatically arranges, often employing lighting and staging conventions of the theatre. With the alteration of scale and reversal of the relation between object and environment, between imaginary and real space, his photographs challenge the viewer’s visual certainties. The illusionary effect he achieves highlights the artist’s playful approach, which fluctuates between mimicry of the real world and construction of a surreallistic reality.

The Archeology of Art (by Marc Quinn)


Tallur L.N.

Chromathophobia (The fear of money), 2012

wooden log, granite and hammered coins

Visitors are invited to pick up one of several nearby hammers and pound a coin into a log supported by a giant Buddha sculpture while making a wish.


Max Shuster